Terms and Conditions

Customer and Mega Airport Parking agree as follows. Mega Airport Parking is responsible for ignition key only. Customer agrees to inspect their vehicle before Mega Airport Parking takes custody. Customer’s claim of damage or loss must be reported in writing on Mega Airport Parking’s claim form before customer removes their vehicle from Mega Airport Parking’s facility, and if not so made, any such claim is waived by customer. Should Mega Airport Parking agree to make repairs to customer’s car at its expense, Mega Airport Parking has the option to choose the place and person to make repairs. Customer agrees that any lawsuit by customer for any claim must be filed within the 90 days from the date of parking when alleged damage occurred, in court jurisdiction where claim loss occurred. In all court actions the burden of proof remains with the customer. Mega Airport Parking is not responsible for damage by fire, theft or mechanical defects (e.g., faulty brakes).
Mega Airport Parking is not responsible for any articles left in vehicle nor will Mega Airport Parking accept possession or bailment of such articles. Mega Airport Parking is not responsible for customer’s luggage or possessions. Attendant has no authority to bind Mega Airport Parking or create bailment for any such articles. Customer must set parking brake before leaving the car. Mega Airport Parking is not responsible for loss of use or consequential damage. Any vehicle left at Mega Airport Parking for more than 60 days without prior authorization will be subject to lien sale. This contract is not assignable. This is the entire contract and no employee can modify it. Customer waives all rights in conflict of the foregoing.