LAX Parking Rates

LAX parking ratesEvery parking lot makes claims about how cheap their rates are, but which one really has the cheapest LAX parking rates? It’s hard to tell.

Most LAX parking lots will hit you with some sort of Internet or other special. What you don’t find out until you get to their site is that this super-low-cost special is only available on their terms — specific days of the week (usually when you’re not traveling) or a minimum number of parking days are required, for example.

In most cases, very few people are able to take advantage of these parking specials.

What’s more, is most LAX parking lots fail to mention they’re going to tack on some extra taxes and fees to their base rate. That typically adds about $2 per day to your cost.

So who has the cheapest LAX parking rates? We’ve always been sure that Mega Airport Parking does, but we went and did the research anyway.

We looked all of the LAX parking lots we could find and compared everyone’s daily base parking rate. No bogus Internet specials that are only good if you park between 12 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Monday.

Where it was clear, we included the lot’s taxes and fees on top of their base rate. In some cases, it wasn’t clear if there were any taxes or fees in addition to the base rate. Can you believe that?

When it was all said and done, it turned out exactly like we expected. Mega Airport parking has the cheapest LAX parking rates. Just $7 a day. And that’s a flat fee. No fees. No taxes.

  1. Mega Airport Parking: $7
  2. 405 Airport Parking: $7.65
  3. Park Place at LAX: $8.75
  4. Fox Auto Parks: $9.35
  5. ValueParkLAX: $9.40
  6. Quik Park: $9.73
  7. Easy Park LAX: $9.90
  8. LAX Park: $9.95
  9. Sunrise LAX Airport Parking: $10.91
  10. LAX Economy Lot C: $12
  11. 105 Airport Parking: $12.25
  12. LAX Airport Center: $13.60
  13. Park Air Express: $13.95
  14. LAX Hilton Parking: $14
  15. Park ‘N Fly: $14.95
  16. Airport Center Express: $15.35
  17. Joe’s Airport Parking: $15.76
  18. Sam’s Parking: $16.43
  19. Wallypark: $18.60
  20. Auto Airport Parking: $18.85
  21. Four Points: $19
  22. The Parking Spot: $19.31
  23. LAX Parking Curb Express: $19.75
  24. LAX Terminal Parking: $30

This list was compiled on May 1, 2014.